How to Get More Memory on Google Drive, Google Photos, and Gmail

How to Get More Memory on Google

Some of us might think Google storage or Google Storage is a hard drive in modern times.

How not, Google storage consisting of Gmail, Google Drive or Google Photos functions to accommodate important things such as documents, photos, videos, and movies.

Unfortunately, Google Storage only provides 15GB of free memory which can be used by user accounts. Meanwhile data needs are increasing every day.

Google itself has provided several packages to increase storage capacity.

The most affordable package provided by Google is additional memory from 100GB to 30TB at a cost of IDR 26,900 to IDR 2,025,000 per month

However, for users who don't want to spend money on the service, there are several ways you can do it.

They can reduce various unnecessary data in Google Storage.

Here are some ways to get more memory on Google Storage such as Gmail, Google Drive, or Google Photos, quoted from The Verge, Thursday (18/2/2021).

Google Drive is a storage memory for several files which are saved by default. Usually, Google Drive contains files such as movies, photos, videos, or anything downloaded from Google services like Gmail.

To add Google Drive capacity via a PC, here are some ways you can do it:

Open Google Drive

Select My Drive

Sort files by largest size

Check files that are no longer needed, then delete them

After that, click on the settings icon in the top right corner

Click Manage Apps

If there is an app with a gray logo on the right, click Options on the right and then select Delete hidden app data. Now the hidden files have been removed from Google Drive

Continue to select the Trash option on the left

Then click Empty trash to delete data permanently

Google Photos

Google Photos is a platform that stores photo files on mobile devices. For Android users, usually the resulting photos are automatically stored in Google Photos.

But this platform will be removed by Google on June 1, 2021. Every file in Google Photos will automatically be moved to Google storage.