Branded as 'fake', Kim Sejeong's true nature was exposed by close people

Kim Sejeong is back 'pinched' hater. This time, he had to face the issue of bad behavior which made him get a lot of criticism from Korean netizens. Some netizens claim that the idol's behavior in front of the camera is just fake.

However, this issue was denied by the drama production staff of The Uncanny Counter. They admit, the former Gugudan member is very kind to all the crew and fellow actors on the set.

The production staff's defense was responded to by the actress's hater. They said that Jellyfish Entertainment as the agency that oversees Sejeong had paid them to say good things about the artist.

After the claim action, a source in the Korean entertainment world finally opened his voice regarding Kim Sejeong's true nature. “He is a cheerful person. For work, he always gives his best, ”said the source as quoted by Koreaboo, Saturday (13/2/2021).

In a continued statement, the source revealed his personal experience interacting with the 24-year-old idol and actress. “Even when he should be angry, he can always finish well. He is very friendly and warm to all of his staff, "he said.

The source also revealed that Kim Sejeong was very mature at such a young age. He is also smart at seeing opportunities and trying to do his best for them.

The source added, the School 2017 actress was always preparing herself when going to shoot. “She is not songong because of her status as an actress or an idol. He never acted. To me, Kim Sejeong is the type of person who can be trusted in doing anything, "he said. *

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the charm of Miyabi, a world famous Japanese hot artist

Miyabi is one of the Japanese celebrities loved by the Indonesian public. The owner of the real name Maria Ozawa has even been included in Indonesian student textbooks almost a decade ago.

"Someone once said I entered a textbook. So in school textbooks there are photos and names of great people, and there are photos of me," Miyabi said in a talk on YouTube Daisuke Botak, as quoted on Sunday (14/2/2021).

Unfortunately, the inclusion of Miyabi's name and photo in the textbook received a negative response from students' parents. Immediate protests sprang up because of this.

The book was then distributed to many schools, right? Now that is a problem for parents and teachers. Why is my photo included in the textbook? So it's a big problem, "Miyabi said.

"Yes, it is a social phenomenon. But they are the ones who just put my photo up. I didn't do anything wrong," he continued.

Miyabi realized that something like this could happen because of the great love the Indonesian people had for him. However, it is not uncommon for that love to give him problems, which makes it difficult for him to visit Indonesia.

Things like that happen a lot in Indonesia. I am very happy to be famous and loved a lot in Indonesia. But when love is too strong, it sometimes backfires on its own. That's why I can never go to Indonesia alone, "he complained

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Parting ways, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West cut off communication

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West seem set on a divorce. A source close to the couple even said that the two of them no longer communicate, except for the benefit of their four children.

"Kanye West does not know why Kim Kardashian has not filed for divorce. If he has to, he is ready to file a lawsuit," said the source, as quoted by E! Online, Thursday

Since January 2021, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have been living separate lives. Kim is more focused on taking care of their four children while working.

A source said the Keeping Up with the Kardashian star had the full support of the family. "The Kardashians and Jenner families love Kanye. But they also agree, separation is the best japan for Kim and Kanye."

The last few days, the family has tried to take Kim's mind off her divorce. They took Kim and the children on vacation to the Turks and Caicos Islands.

There, they also celebrated the birthday of Stormi Webster, daughter of Kylie Jenner. Through his personal Instagram, Kim Kardashian said he just wanted to relax.